the 2016 athlete violence against women count

Here is a list of athletes who have been arrested and/or charged with violent acts against women, including domestic violence, assault, battery, sexual assault, and rape in 2016. To qualify, the athlete must be a current participant in the NBA, WNBA, NFL, NHL, NBA, PGA Tour, U.S. Olympics, NCAA, or NASCAR.

[I am just putting together this page. Let me know if the list is missing anyone!]

1/30/2016: Johnny Manziel

1/30/2016: Eli Jenkins

2/5/2016: Montee Ball

3/13/2016: Nathaniel Robbins

3/13/2016: Branden Dawson

4/13/2016: Hector Olivera

  • MLB
  • Olivera was arrested and charged with assault and battery of a woman.
  • The Atlanta Braves placed him on leave immediately following the domestic violence incident. The MLB suspended him until August 1 (i.e., 82 games when applied from the date he decided not to appeal, April 30) without pay for violating the new league off-field personal conduct policy. Currently unresolved. His adjudicatory hearing is scheduled for July 11.

5/30/2016: Darren Collison

6/19/2016: Dan Skuta