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Jaime makes bi-weekly appearances on “Inside the Huddle with Michael Spath” to answer questions on sports law hot topic issues (and sometimes take off her lawyer hat and put on her fan hat to discuss sports more generally). Feel free to tune in to his show daily between 10am and 1pm or follow the show on Apple Podcasts, and if you ever miss Jaime live on air or the livestream, links will be posted here to listen at your own convenience!

  • 8/21/19: Why Walled Lake Western WR/Northwestern Commit Yaseen is Ineligible Under MHSAA’s Academic Eligibility Rules [Omny]

  • 8/14/19: Weighing in on the Harbaugh & Fickell Comments Regarding James Hudson III’s Waiver Request [Omny]

  • 8/7/19: What Were You Doing the Last Time Michigan Beat OSU? [Omny]; How Many Hours of Football Will You Watch When the Season Starts? [Omny]

  • 7/24/19: What Would You Give Up for Michigan Football to Win & Letting Kids Win [Omny]; “An Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind” & Greatest Individual Professional Athletic Achievements [Omny]

  • 7/10/19: NCAA Copyright Laws [Omny]; What is the Sign of the Start of Football Season? [Omny]

  • 6/19/19: The New MHSAA Transfer Rule & Its Effects [Omny]; Random Fun Closing the Show [Omny]

  • 6/5/19: Kawhi Leonard v. Nike “Klaw” Logo Dispute [Omny]; Thoughts on Tom Brady Filing a Trademark Application for “Tommy Terrific” [Omny]

  • 5/15/19: Why James Hudson III’s Denied Transfer Waiver was Denied Immediate Eligibility at the Initial Waiver Review & Potential Arguments on Appeal; the Newly Announced NCAA Working Group Tasked with Examining NIL Benefits [Omny]; High Schools’ Authority to Discipline Their Athletes for “Improper” Social Media Use [Omny]

  • 5/1/19: Why VA Tech Transfer Brock Hoffman was Denied Immediate Eligibility at the Initial Waiver Review [Omny]; What I Would Change to Make College Sports Better & Michael’s Q’s on Possible Results (Hint: It’s “Amateurism”) [Omny]

  • 4/17/19: Will Wade’s Reinstatement at LSU [Omny]

  • 4/3/19: AAF Folding & the Possible Legal Issues to Come [Omny]

  • 3/13/19: NCAA Grant-In-Aid Cap Antitrust Litigation decision changing scholarships for college athletes [Omny]; a New Congressional Bill Proposal to Give the NCAA an Ultimatum & Big Ten Tournament Predictions [Omny]

  • 3/7/19: Robert Kraft & Owners’ Personal Conduct [Omny]

  • 2/20/19: EMU Lawsuit & Title IX Compliance [Omny]; Who is the Biggest Fake/Phony in Sports? [Omny]

  • 2/8/19: Free for All segment [Omny]; Sports Fanatics’ Rights [Omny]

  • 1/24/19: My Sports Law Hot Topics for 2019 [Omny]; Marijuana Use in Athletics [Omny]

  • 1/9/19: Justin Fields & the “New” NCAA Residency Requirement Waiver (Part 1) [Omny]; Fields (Part 2) & the NFL’s “3 years removed from high school” rule [Omny]

  • 12/5/18: Discussing Players Playing in Bowl Games [Omny]

  • 11/21/18: OSU Week [Omny] & more Six on Six Questions [Omny]

  • 11/7/18: Sports Betting [Omny]

  • 10/24/18: Disney-Fox Television Rights [Omny]

  • 10/10/18: Brian Bowen & College Basketball Situation [Omny]

  • 9/26/18: The Maryland Situation [Omny]

  • 9/12/18: The NCAA Lawsuit [Omny]

  • 8/29/18: We Give Our Favorite Michigan-ND Game [Omny / Apple Podcasts]

  • 8/29/18: The Buyout of Future Games & the Legal Side of It [Omny / Apple Podcasts]

  • 8/15/18: The OSU & Maryland Issues [Omny]

  • 7/18/18: The Bounds of Colleges' Intellectual Property Rights [Omny]

  • 7/11/18: Are We Entering a World Where Coaches are Frequently Sued by Athletes? [Omny]

  • 6/20/18: Legalities Behind Our Favorite Sports Journalists Moving to Competitors [Omny]

  • 6/6/18: The Legalities of Transfers [Omny]

  • 5/15/18: The Situation with Sports Gambling [Omny]

Other Appearances (Articles, Podcasts, etc.)

  • 8/20/18: "Jaime Miettinen: Urban Meyer, DJ Durkin, NFL" on the Beav's Banter Podcast on Beav's World [Libsyn]

  • 8/5/18: "THE Biggest College Football Story of 2018" about the Urban Meyer saga & what contract provisions are implicated on the College Athletics Corridor Podcast [Podbean]

  • 7/8/18: "Episode 1: Jaime Miettinen" about publicly-funded stadiums on Derek Helling's The Bread & Circuses Podcast [Castbox]

  • 5/31/16: "Sports Law Brief: Jaime Miettinen, Miettinen Law PLLC" on the MULS Sports Law Society Blog

  • Atkins v. Bert Belle/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan: Former NFL Defensiveback Tackling a Mixed Bag of Medical Opinions Is Denied Increased Benefits, Sports Lawyers Journal, Volume 20 (2013).


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  • Various Beav's World events as a Beav's World Partner

  • 11/17/18: Judge, Wayne Law’s inaugural NFL Contract Negotiation Competition

  • 3/15/18: Sports Panelist, the 8th Annual Windsor Sports & Entertainment Law Conference at Fourteen Restaurant & Sky Lounge