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A Joint Olympic Team May Sound Weird, But the Joint Korean Team is Not the First

On Wednesday, North and South Korea agreed to the unthinkable - they are forming their first joint Olympic team and will march together in February's Opening Ceremony for the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games! This is pending approval from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), naturally, but this is a massive step toward cooperation between the Koreas after nuclear weaponry programs created quite a bit of tension. (Even war was a potential outcome at one point!) This marks the first time in 11 years the two nations will parade together for the ceremony and takes it indeed further. Since South Korea is this Games' host country, this set up an opportune moment for reconciliation. There are a few unique points that should be highlighted from their provided joint statement...

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2018 Sports Law Hot Topics To Watch

Per usual, I would like to make my predictions regarding what topics I believe will be extra sizzlin' in 2018, but I will do so in a slightly different way. Here are brief descriptions of what each topic is, some insight as to why I have it on my predictions list, and who you can pay attention to for the latest news, updates, and analysis throughout the upcoming year:

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How the IOC's Rule 40.3 Guidelines Changed the Advertising Game For Rio 2016

Remember back in March hearing how Michael Phelps cried the first time he saw the Under Armour "Rule Yourself" commercial featuring him? This beauty - and Under Armour's entire "Rule Yourself" ad campaign - never would have been made had the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided not to change a longstanding rule that limited Olympics-related marketing to official sponsors like Nike and McDonald's.

Under Armour is not an official sponsor of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, but the athletic apparel brand does sponsor 250 Olympic athletes (at least before some started to declare that they were opting out of competing in these Games) and is one of the most prominent market players benefiting from the rule change You may be asking what Rule 40.3 is and why the IOC is relaxing its stance on marketing now as opposed to earlier. Well, let's talk about it.

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Sports Law Topics to Follow in 2016

*For a stellar review on all of 2015's exciting happenings in the legal world of sports, check out my friend Ian's article here. For what I predict to be some of 2016's hot topics, read on!*

The year flew by like LeBron James in his Camero,

But we must finish the final stretch like American PharOAh.

From fifa's corrupt achilles to Brady's deflated ball,

I bet you thought you've seen it all.

The law never rests, in the court or on the field,

So you know many cases have yet to be sealed.

but since 2015 had stories that became routine,

We can prep and glance ahead at 2016!


  1. Fantasy Sports

  2. Transgender Participation in Athletics

  3. NFL Rules & Officiating

  4. O'Bannon & the Student-Athlete Definition

  5. Olympics Anti-Doping Reform

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Important Notes on the Oscar Pistorius Case's Unanimous Reversal

Once upon a time, Oscar Pistorius was the sports hero of South Africa better known as the "Blade Runner" who fought for his right to enter the Summer Olympics, which was previously open only for able-bodied competitors, and made it to the semifinals in two races. Almost a year and a half ago, Oscar Pistorius was the boyfriend who shot his girlfriend four times through a locked door and, later, a criminal convicted of "culpable homicide" (i.e., a lesser crime than "murder" similar to manslaughter) because he claimed he did not intend to kill her and believed she was a burglar. As of today, Oscar Pistorius is, by definition under South African law, a murderer who will soon officially receive his new sentence once he returns back to court next year. Many people have questions about the foreign jurisdiction's legal system and how Pistorius' case can be played within it. So, after you skim through my previous posts about the initial verdict at his earlier trial, I encourage you to read through this brief Q&A addressing a handful of critical elements for adequate awareness on the most popular story in the South African legal system's history.

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